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Today I got my first tattoo. It was a high involvement decision guided by emotion which required an extensive search of information… …ok I lie! I typed in a google search for a Joburg based tattoo studio. After getting suggestions from friends (those with as well as those without tatts) I did my own research.

The fact that Tattoolya appeared at the top of my search bears testament that this joint is top-notch. The first thing that attracted me to the shop is the logo. Its not cheesy, gritty or hardcore. Its soft, pink and inviting. To me it just said class – it communicated a certain level of sophistication that I don’t see in other shops…(Logos with swords, flames or tribal designs) (-__-‘). Needless to say Tattoolya met my expectations.

The studio is in a prime location! A nice quite little shopping complex called Devon Valley Shopping Centre that just says chillll! So chill that most of its shops open after 10…(Pizza place told me to come back at 11) lol! The bastards!

Rating Tattoolya »Scale of 1-10«
*cleanliness & comfort – 10! *Professionalism (atmosphere & staff) – 10!
*Artistry (Quality of work) – 9
*Value for money – 9

•Location – Great!
•Pricing is reasonable (depends on the work required and can be charged per hour)
•Music played at Tattoolya is dope! (Alternative Rock/Pop/Rap/Reggae) – I enjoyed it.

Overall Tattoolya is a fresh tattoo joint. Its clean, crisp and welcoming with a café kinda vibe and feeling to it. The ladies working there (Marisa, Mica and Rochelle) are some good people. I’ve decided to make it my tattoo spot of choice. You should check it out if you’re looking to get a tattoo in and around Johannesburg.

Devon Valley Shopping Centre
Haak en Steek Rd/ 9th Ave Cnr Rugby Rd
Weltevreden Park
South Africa

Tel: +27721808603

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm. Saturday 10am – 3pm

Age/ID Requirements
Not sure

Piercing Services:
•Body Piercing
•Ear lobe and Cartilage Piercing
•Facial and Oral Piercing

Other Services
•Touch ups

NB: no appointments via sms or email.
Please call to make an appointment.


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