Not yet uhuru

We are far from free

We are far from free

Truth be told South Africa is far from where it is supposed to be as a free and democratic society. This picture is proof of the nature of this country where racism is rife, segregation still prevalent and where bored afrikaaners can get away with such atrocities.

Word is, that this picture is three years old. Now because this asshole was ignorant enough to use it as his facebook profile picture, the picture landed in the papers – what of the countless horrors that we don’t get to hear about, or see? A police investigation has been launched to try and find those responsible. Real event or staged, this picture is just unacceptable. It reaffirmed my political stance which is that I will never vote to put a white government in power, ever!

The ANC (African National Congress) is hardly meeting the needs of the people with issues of poor service delivery and about a thousand other problems but I say rather a poison you know than one you don’t. Viva ANC Viva! Viva Black Power Viva!

– Then the police ministry has the audacity to say that people should not make racial connections to this picture, like what the hell?… get the fuck outta hear with that bull shit! As it stands I feel that the bastard with the rifle should be lynched!

However I will just let it go and let God deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Not yet uhuru

  1. We are still victims even when we claim to have “freedom”. Our leaders sold us sort and forgot the bigger picture.

    Set us free from the chains of slavary. We are still prisoners in our own land.


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