Song translation, A Classic!

Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991)

Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991)

You were a fan of the song (the house version that is) from the ‘Electronica’ album – ‘I love Serge’ by Serge Gainsbourg, 2001. The inspiration behind this post is a track that featured on [South African House DJ legends] DJ’s Glen Lewis & DJ Fresh’s 2001 double-disc compilation called “Gatecrasher meets Afrikha” The song I’m talmbout (talking about) is that all time classic! BONNIE & CLYDE, huh? YES! YES! That one!

Well folks this one goes out to my fellow HOUSE lovers…and for music lovers in general. Enjoy a lil read of the (english version) of the song.

“You’ve read the story
Of Jesse James
How he lived
How he died
You liked that, didn’t you?
Yet you still ask for more
And well,
Listen to the story
Of Bonnie and Clyde

Then here it is,
Clyde has a girlfriend
She’s beautiful, her first name
Is Bonnie
And together they’re
The Barrow gang
Their names
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

When I knew Clyde
Before all that
He was a loyal guy
Honest and right
You’ve got to believe
That it’s society
Which definitely ruined him

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

All the things that they wrote
About her and me
They claim we kill
In cold blood
It’s not funny
But we really have
To silence
The one that starts to scream

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Every time a policeman
Gets killed
Or a garage or a bank
Is attacked
For the police
It’s not a mystery
Signed, Clyde Barrow
Bonnie Parker

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Now every time
We try to rest,
To get comfortable
In an apartment
Within three days
The tac tac tac’s back
The machine guns
Return to the attack

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

One of these days
We will fall together
And I don’t care for me
It’s Bonnie that I tremble for
It doesn’t matter
If they get my skin (kill me)
Me, Bonnie
I tremble for Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

They couldn’t have stayed longer
The only solution
Was to die
But more than one followed them
Into hell
When they died
Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde”


George Levin featuring Clara Hill – (I Got) Somebody New (Masters At Work Remix)

I will slowly but surely upload hard-to-get releases from my extensive vinyl collection; mostly house music and always fantastic productions 🙂 I know it sucks to not be able to get releases from back in the days when things weren’t as widely available as they are today through digital downloading.

Starting out with the fantastic MAW remix of George Levin’s (I Got) Somebody New.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cape Town International Tattoo Convention

Cape Town Internationa Tattoo Convention

Cape Town Internationa Tattoo Convention

Southern Ink Xposure Tattoo Convention is going down later this month. Already in its 4th year, this is an expo which happens annually where one can expect to see international artists and indulge in pre-convention celebrations.

One wonders if the likes of Ami James, Chris Garver & Co. will be there? or the ladies from LA Ink – Kat Von D & them maybe even Kats’ toothpick chewing former flame! I hope my ladies from Tattoolya (Rooderpoort) are going so they can tell me all about it when I get my next piece!

Ay if you appreciate the art and have the time – don’t sleep on this one!
Date: 27 – 29 January 2012
Venue: Pavilion Conference Centre, V&A Waterfront
Tickets: R120 per adult per day pass, R250 per weekend pass and kids under 16 get free entry.

For more about this expo check out the tagged website address!

Stay in the loop!

Top Tattoo Parlors

Top Shop

Top Shop

Today I got my first tattoo. It was a high involvement decision guided by emotion which required an extensive search of information… …ok I lie! I typed in a google search for a Joburg based tattoo studio. After getting suggestions from friends (those with as well as those without tatts) I did my own research.

The fact that Tattoolya appeared at the top of my search bears testament that this joint is top-notch. The first thing that attracted me to the shop is the logo. Its not cheesy, gritty or hardcore. Its soft, pink and inviting. To me it just said class – it communicated a certain level of sophistication that I don’t see in other shops…(Logos with swords, flames or tribal designs) (-__-‘). Needless to say Tattoolya met my expectations.

The studio is in a prime location! A nice quite little shopping complex called Devon Valley Shopping Centre that just says chillll! So chill that most of its shops open after 10…(Pizza place told me to come back at 11) lol! The bastards!

Rating Tattoolya »Scale of 1-10«
*cleanliness & comfort – 10! *Professionalism (atmosphere & staff) – 10!
*Artistry (Quality of work) – 9
*Value for money – 9

•Location – Great!
•Pricing is reasonable (depends on the work required and can be charged per hour)
•Music played at Tattoolya is dope! (Alternative Rock/Pop/Rap/Reggae) – I enjoyed it.

Overall Tattoolya is a fresh tattoo joint. Its clean, crisp and welcoming with a café kinda vibe and feeling to it. The ladies working there (Marisa, Mica and Rochelle) are some good people. I’ve decided to make it my tattoo spot of choice. You should check it out if you’re looking to get a tattoo in and around Johannesburg.

Devon Valley Shopping Centre
Haak en Steek Rd/ 9th Ave Cnr Rugby Rd
Weltevreden Park
South Africa

Tel: +27721808603

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm. Saturday 10am – 3pm

Age/ID Requirements
Not sure

Piercing Services:
•Body Piercing
•Ear lobe and Cartilage Piercing
•Facial and Oral Piercing

Other Services
•Touch ups

NB: no appointments via sms or email.
Please call to make an appointment.

Not yet uhuru

We are far from free

We are far from free

Truth be told South Africa is far from where it is supposed to be as a free and democratic society. This picture is proof of the nature of this country where racism is rife, segregation still prevalent and where bored afrikaaners can get away with such atrocities.

Word is, that this picture is three years old. Now because this asshole was ignorant enough to use it as his facebook profile picture, the picture landed in the papers – what of the countless horrors that we don’t get to hear about, or see? A police investigation has been launched to try and find those responsible. Real event or staged, this picture is just unacceptable. It reaffirmed my political stance which is that I will never vote to put a white government in power, ever!

The ANC (African National Congress) is hardly meeting the needs of the people with issues of poor service delivery and about a thousand other problems but I say rather a poison you know than one you don’t. Viva ANC Viva! Viva Black Power Viva!

– Then the police ministry has the audacity to say that people should not make racial connections to this picture, like what the hell?… get the fuck outta hear with that bull shit! As it stands I feel that the bastard with the rifle should be lynched!

However I will just let it go and let God deal with it.

Fab4 back home!

He's Back!!

He’s Back!!

Fàbregas finally joins FC Barcelona, after signing a contract that will keep him at the club for the next five seasons. Bringing to a close what the BBC called one of the most protracted transfer sagas in recent times. His buyout clause will be 200 million Euros. It’s safe to say he will be staying a while and we FCB fans are loving it. I always knew it would happen. It was meant to be, just one small thing the world can scratch off its ‘to do’ list.

Player Profile:
Full name: Francesc Fàbregas i Soler
Born: 4 May 1987
Place of birth: Vilassar de Mar,(Barcelona), Catalonia in Spain
Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Playing position: Midfielder
Strengths: Naturally talented footballer, sublime skill, wonderful technique, superb vision, and great passing ability.

For a player that is still so young (24yrs) he has already reached legendary status…

Fàbregas started his football career as a trainee with Barcelona but was signed by Premier League side Arsenal in September 2003 at the tender age of 16. Following injuries to key midfielders in the 2004–05 season, he went on to establish himself as Arsenal’s starting central midfielder, playmaker, and eventually captain. He broke many of the club’s records in the process, earning himself a reputation as one of the best young players for his position. In 2011, he returned to his former club Barcelona for an initial €34 million.

Fàbregas has supported FC Barcelona since childhood and went to his first match when he was nine months old with his grandfather (It was written in the stars). During his time at Barcelona’s youth academy, Fàbregas idolised Barcelona’s then-captain and number four Josep Guardiola. How fitting that the young legend now has joined the man that gave him the number four jersey back when Cesc was 13 years old.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that he is sad to see Cesc Fàbregas finally complete his transfer to European champions FC Barcelona.
Fàbregas completed his transfer to his boyhood club on Monday, 15th August and whilst Wenger says he wanted to keep the Spanish international, he feels Arsenal will move on.
The legendary manager had this to say: “We lost a world-class player and we are sad about it,… We did try to keep him but in the end, you have as well to respect the desire of the player, and this club is 125 years old this season and many big players left the club and the club went on, and that’s what we want to show – that we have the strength and unity to fight as ever.”

The Gunners are my favorite team in the English Premier League and will definitely feel the loss but they too have made some good acquisitions, namely Ivorian winger Gervinho. Should they manage to keep French superstar Nasri they will still have to dig deep to fill the void left by Fàbregas.

Could we possibly see him in action tonight against foes FC Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup? It remains to be seen…wouldn’t put it past ‘Pep’ Guardiola though! #ForçaBarça!!

Dark Days

Razing Hell

Razing Hell

It’s been all over the news – British youths are rioting. At first glance the anarchy spreading through the UK may seem to not have any justification. In keeping up with the events taking place in the UK I have seen just how dangerous a mob mentality can be. There can only be fatalities when a crowd of people starts to act like a pack of rabid dogs. Windows have been smashed, shops and homes broken into and ravaged, buildings and cars have been torched…its chaos.

In a short attempt to ‘place the passage in context’… apparently an alleged drug dealer was shot and killed in a shoot out with the police. This led to a protest against the killing which some believe happened because of racial prejudice by the police. Somehow this protest devilishly morphed into wild and violent disorder, looting, arson and other criminal behaviours. In the classic case of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ the anarchy has spread to other parts of the country. The senseless violence had spread to a fourth city by the time I decided to write a post about the situation in the UK.

Why is this happening though? …is it really just acts of lawlessness from opportunistic thieves?
It is believed that government cuts and the resulting poor social conditions are one of the major contributors to this violent disturbance of peace by these crowds. Young people from poor societies in the UK are hugely uninspired in life – the rich keep getting richer and for the poor, every new day is worse than the previous one. The sad truth is that these deprived young looters have nothing to lose and no reason to conform to social norms the experts say…not forgetting that the police force in the UK just wasn’t prepared for these riots nor were they expecting them.

A youth interviewed on the Sky News network said “we know that this is wrong, don’t get it twisted but we feel like we don’t have a future, everything is expensive these days and we can’t get jobs.” Another alleged that “the police stop us and nick us for nothing”. Authorities have also listed parenting (or lack thereof) as well as gang culture as contributing factors to these acts of unrestrained revelry.

As a youth, living in a country with high levels of unemployment, social discrepancies and unequal balances of power I am able to empathise with the british youth to a certain extent. What I am totally against is the ruthless act of breaking into someone’s home or business and robbing innocent people of the possessions they acquired with the sweat of their own brow.

In almost a week of rioting over 200 arrests have been made. As British Prime Minister, David Cameron (probably still mad about a holiday cut short) whips out the water cannon and more police reinforcements with rubber bullets are deployed and the arrests continue…Let’s pray for The UK and all those affected.

Heads up! Do check out Sky News tonight at 8pm for a live debate about what the causes of the riots may be.



No story here! No news!

No story here! No news!

I feel empty, or rather blank. I’ve had a few and this is just a moment of reflection. I would describe this feeling as being a blank page, just plane A4 size white paper…

Some poor tree lost its life and I have nothing (I am nothing). What do you do with a blank piece of paper?
-fold me up and make a paper jet, throw me in the air and watch me sail into a puddle of muddy water…
-draw appalling pictures of your worst lecturer…hell wipe your ass with me should u find yourself in that undesirable situation…
-tear a piece off & fold me into a tooth pick

If society is shaped in the form of a pyramid then I’m nowhere near the bottom which means I shouldn’t be feeling like this but Sometimes I just can’t help it.

They say when days are dark friends are few…not so in my case because I’d like to think I have friends who care. Unfortunately, I’m the type that was bred wrong in the sense that I do not like to discuss my problems. My issues are just that – Mine.

Through sunshine and rain, through joy and pain life goes on…Thank You God for all that I have in my life.